Could the Sixers be looking to make a major move?

So what might the Clippers want in return from the Sixers?

Well the first two names would be Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel. However neither is a great fit at the power forward position - the position Griffin plays.

LA has DeAndre Jordan playing the center position, so it would seem that neither Noel or Okafor makes a lot of sense for them.

So how about the Sixers coveted draft picks?

The team owns the Lakers pick (top three protected), Heat pick and Thunder pick, most likely one (if the Lakers pick) or two (both Heat and thunder pick) would have to be included.  A deal of Carl Laundry, Nik Stauskas and Kendall Marshal would fit salary-wise, but none of them are helping the Clippers win now - a mode they are certainly in.

Another question is, is Griffin even the right fit for the Sixers at this stage of the game?  Griffin will be 27 years old with two-years left on this deal. Is he a top notch franchise player?  Would he be a good fit playing next to Joel Embiid?

Are the Sixers even in position to make a move like this?

"I don't know if now is the time," said columnist Mike Siekski.  "It would be depending on what they are willing to give up, what the Clippers would want.  I would say this - the idea that Sam Hinkie and the Sixers were always against this kind of deal is false. This is a predicate of Hinkie's entire plan, the idea that you gather assets, draft picks, good younger players, because they migh tallow you to make a big move like this."

So many questions....

So Sixers fans, would you make a deal to get Blake Griffin in Philly?

(Listen to Alex Kennedy from Basketball Insider talk Sixers)

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