It was 15 years ago on Tuesday that one of the greatest sitcoms in television history ended with a series finale on NBC.

It's been 15 years and Seinfeld is still popular as ever, the show was broadcasted for only 8 seasons, but it was some of the best television to date.

Any of you who listen to "The Sportsbash" regularly know that Mike Gill considers himself a 'Seinfeld connoisseur' of sorts.

So today on 5 Questions, Ryan Messick tried his best to stump Gill and his Seinfeld knowledge.

See what happened in the clip below and you can play along to see if you can get all five questions right. Or can't you?

5 Questions

1. After how many dates does Jerry tell Elaine a face-to-face breakup is necessary? (Seven, unless she hasn’t had sex with the guy)
(choices: Four, Five, Six, Seven)

2. In the episode “The Limo,” what game did George and Jerry think they had tickets to? (Knicks-Bulls)

(choices: Knicks-Bulls, Knicks-Celtics, Rangers-Devils, Rangers-Penguins)

3. What key character had a pet in the pilot and what was it’s name? (Kramer, Ralph)

(George, Rusty…Kramer, Ralph… Elaine, Rory… George, Buddy)

4. According to Jerry and George, what are the four worst words in the English language? (Jerry: We have to talk) (George: Whose bra is this?)

(Jerry: We have to talk, I’m having your baby, I’m seeing your friend, Do I know you?)

(George: Are these your pants? Who’s bra is this?… Slip him a mickey… Lloyd Braun did it)

5. Who did George have a memorable collision with at home plate? (Bette Midler)

(Elaine, Bette Midler, Lloyd Braun, Barbra Streisand)