There are reports that the Sacramento Kings would trade both their 2017 First Round picks (5th and 10th Overall) to ensure they get Kentucky Guard De'Aaron Fox on Draft Night.  The team that looks to be in the ideal spot for the Kings to trade with are the Sixers at 3rd overall; should the 76ers make that deal with the Kings?  Would that be a good move for Philadelphia?

ESPN NBA Insider Tim Legler joined Mike Gill on Wednesday with his answer if he would trade the Third Overall Pick for picks Fifth and Tenth Overall:

"No. And I know I’d be in the minority on that. I think the draft is deep at the top, but I also think there's a lot of uncertainty and risk when you start getting down to 10. So what have you really done? You’ve given up a surefire pick at 3; Theres debate about who that should be and I’ve made it very clear about (Josh Jackson), I think that’s a can't miss pick with Josh Jackson. And then in return you’re getting the 5, and you’re probably going to get a guy that’s going to be a stud. 10 is going to be uncertain but I don’t think 5 will be as good as 3. So what have you really done, you’re taking a very uncertain pick at 10, probably not anybody as good with 5, to give up a surefire guy at 3. So I don’t know if I would do that."

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