The Sixers recent losses to the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic are frustrating, but not a total cause for concern. It's almost like those losses, make us forget the the Sixers recently beat two teams questioned they could be; Milwaukee and Boston.

So should Sixers fans be concerned by these late season losses, against inferior teams?

NBA writer Keith Smith made his weekly appearance on The Sports Bash to discuss that and more on Wednesday show.

"I think Philadelphia sat back and said we’re pretty comfortably in front of Boston and Indiana for that three spot, we’re probably not catching Toronto, so I think of all the teams in the East, outside of Milwaukee, I would think that they’re most comfortable in their position really saying hey, we’re kind of locked in where we’re at so there’s not a lot of point to extending a lot of energy. Especially if we get behind in a game, we don’t need to push too hard to come back because what’s it really gonna buy us in the end?”

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