The Croatian national basketball team has played three games so far in the 2016 Olympics and have earned a record of 2-1.

Croatia’s starting forward Dario Saric, who will make is NBA debut with the Sixers this season, has made an impact for the team.

In the three games that Saric has played, he has averaged 13 points, eight rebounds and five assists per game while shooting 47.6% (13-26) from the court and 62.5% from the line.

After starting the Olympics off with a headline grabbing block shot to lead his team to an upset win over Spain, Saric has added more offense in the last two games.

Saric contributed just four points, seven rebounds and five assists during Croatia's upset win vs. Spain on Sunday, Saric showed some more offense Tuesday putting up 19 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists in a loss to Argentina. He added another solid game today with 15 points, seven rebounds, three assists, three 3-pointers, one steal and one block over 35 minutes during Croatia's 80-76 win over Brazil.

"He has been around, he's been active, he's been contributing at all ends of the floor" said Brian Seltzer of on the Sports Bash. "Saric has played a lot of basketball (this offseason) and he is still bringing consistent high energy play and maybe more than anything else that stands out for the Sixers."

With the production that Saric has made with his national team, it is good news for Sixers fans to hear. So far during the Olympics, it has been good for Saric as he continues to be a positive factor for his team.

Saric is showing that he is an energy guy, a glue guy, a hustler, intelligent, and a skilled passer - showing a solid all-around game for his national team. While he isn't a great athlete, he's a smart player who puts himself in good position to make plays and should be exactly something the Sixers have been lacking.