Here's what you missed on the Sports Bash Saturday with Matt Hammond on May 17:

-- Pushing back the NFL Draft 2 weeks means coaches have less time with players -- a huge advantage for Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

-- I get why Michael Sam would sign onto a reality series before checking with the Rams. But Oprah, Sam's agents -- they should know better.

Mark Helfrich, Oregon head football coach 

-- Working for 3 years under Chip Kelly

-- Coaching Eagles draft picks Josh Huff and Taylor Hart

-- Marcus Mariota's NFL future

-- How the Ducks stack up in the Pac-12

-- If only fans crushing Michael Sam for doing a reality series had so much self-control.

-- Fear of the unknown the reason fans won't listen to Michael Carter-Williams trade talk.

Chad Ford, ESPN NBA Insider 

-- Is Michael Carter-Williams untouchable?

-- What would Sixers have to get back to trade MCW?

-- Is Australia's Dante Exum an upgrade over MCW?

-- Should Sixers draft Andrew Wiggins No. 1 overall?

-- Should Sixers trade out of a top 3 pick if they get it?

-- Are we scared to say Eagles will be better in 2014 -- on both sides of the ball?

The Roundup

(1) Colts Robert Mathis suspended for fertility drugs

(2) Mark Jackson signs on... as an analyst with ESPN

(3) Blake Griffin hints he wouldn't play next season under Donald Sterling

(4) Serge Ibaka likely out for the Thunder for the rest of the NBA Playoffs

-- Of course Michael Sam wants a reality series -- he might not make the Rams roster.

-- What we said about the NFL Draft applies to the NBA: take the best player available.

-- Dante Exum says he can play in a 2 PG system -- and that teams say they want him to.

-- Matt asks Scott for a ruling: do you have to tip at a parking deck you use for work?

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