The Philadelphia Sixers lose to the Dallas Mavericks on the road. I hate to be so standard, but it was a tale of two halves. The first half the Sixers were dynamite defensively and held the Mavs to only 41 points while frustrating Luka Doncic. Ben Simmons had 11 points and recorded four steals as he looked possessed on the d side of the floor. What if I told you Ben Simmons finished with 11 points? Well, he did. The energy shifted towards the Mavericks in the second half. The Sixers couldn't buy a bucket and only recorded 16 points in the third quarter. They only scored 41 points in the second half while Dallas scored 68 and the three-pointers would not fall as they knocked down 9-37. Al Horford took nine threes in Joel Embiid's absence. Boban Marjanovic and Dwight Powell stepped up and helped take over the game. It was weird because the Sixers only turned the ball over four times, recorded 14 offensive rebounds, and had 19 more shots than Dallas and still lost by a good margin, so it just shows how the defense slipped up and the open looks would not fall.


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