The Philadelphia Sixers lose their ninth straight road game by falling in Los Angeles to the Lakers. They are still shorthanded without Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Josh Richardson so it's hard to take much out of the game.

Glenn Robinson III tied his career-high in points with 25 and Shake Milton only got off nine shots, recording 12 points, after his impressive 39-point performance.

It's hard to expect a victory when one team has Lebron James and Anthony Davis, while the other squad is relying on a hot night from Robinson III.

The 76ers started out on fire, but eventually the adrenaline went away. Tobias Harris picked up his third foul in the second quarter and headed to the bench. The Lakers went on a 34-10 run thanks to an explosion by Davis. Think about the options for Brett Brown at this time....

Davis finished with 34 points and 13 rebounds while James recorded 22 points, 14 assists, and seven rebounds.

Al Horford looks so slow and so lost. It is to the point of being extremely concerned about what is going to happen this off-season. Due to his poor play WITHOUT Embiid on the floor, what's it going to take to move on from him? He has clearly lost a step and I am not sure if any teams would be willing to take his contract or play.

To be fair, Davis is no easy match up for anyone, but the track record of poor play is large. Is there an injury that nobody knows about? It's so hard to process him falling off this fast. Mike Scott had better minutes at the five position in this game.

Ultimately, The Sixers stayed engaged and was able to knock the lead down to single digits a couple times in the fourth quarter, but it was never a serious threat.

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