The Philadelphia Sixers drop their fourth straight game and lose to the Houston Rockets on the road. James Harden was so special in this one, recording 44 points and a triple double. Clint Capela thrived due to Harden's dribble penetration and he scored 30 points. He ran up and down the floor which crushed Joel Embiid's endurance. Ben Simmons was unreal as he had a triple double as well, including 29 points. Defensively he was a stud with three steals and four blocks. Al Horford is still struggling, but I am questioning how he is being used in the offense by Brett Brown. Josh Richardson isn't scoring at a high rate, but he did have eight assists and I think they found something in a two-man game with him and Simmons. The bench is atrocious and Mike Scott specifically is hurting the team.

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