The Philadelphia Sixers lose to the Miami Heat in overtime and experience a whacky turn of events. They had this game and let it slip. Tobias Harris missed a dunk to solidify the win and Joel Embiid had a costly turnover off the rebound which led to Tyler Herro knocking down a three-pointer to take the lead with just under seven seconds remaining. Josh Richardson had a chance to tie the game with two free throws and he missed the first. He then had to miss the second on purpose which led to a Ben Simmons tip in to tie it. Embiid scored 35 points and had a couple clutch threes down the stretch. He was the only reason why the Sixers had a chance to leave victorious. Simmons did great defensively, but his offense still hurts the team specifically with the zone. He did a great job on Jimmy Butler on the d side of things. Brett Brown went to Trey Burke to help break down that zone. Al Horford was awful as he recorded a -25 rating. Harris had a wide open look to win the game from behind the arc at the end of overtime and he missed.


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