The Philadelphia Sixers lose for the first time at home this season. They fall to the Miami Heat by a score of 108-104. Yes, Jimmy Butler was heavily hearing the boos once again, but this time it didn't matter. The Heat used a zone in the second quarter which completely screwed up the Sixers offense and it changed the game completely. Miami scored 37 points that quarter and finished the first half on a 27-7 run. Joel Embiid barely had any shot attempts and Ben Simmons was useless as the team stood around and jacked up three-pointers that were not falling. The defense suffered in that quarter as well. Somehow, it came down to the wire as the Sixers did not give up. With the shot clocked pulled and Ben Simmons dribbling up the court, down two points, he picked up his dribble when driving on Kendrick Nunn to kick the ball out to Al Horford. He missed the game-winning shot attempt. Ben Simmons HAS to drive the ball in that situation as Nunn is 6'2 trying to guard him. Joel Embiid had 22 points and 19 rebounds, but was -11. He wasn't good enough.

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