The Philadelphia Sixers obliterated the Miami Heat in Jimmy Butler's return. They absolutely dominated their opposition and it was a joy to watch. It all started defensively as the Heat were only capable of scoring 13 points in the first quarter and 22 points in the second quarter. When the second half started, the Sixers came out hot and recorded 37 points of their own. Jimmy Butler heard BOOOOOOOOs all night long and ended with a -31 rating. He only registered 11 points with a poor shooting night. Ben Simmons was elite on the defensive side of the court and just as good when it came to facilitating the game. He only scored four points. Josh Richardson was the player of the game with 32 points and he knocked down three-pointers consistently. Joel Embiid had the crowd erupting and Tobias Harris stayed aggressive. Al Horford provided the veteran game we expect as fans. This was a great step in the right direction!

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