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 Here is today’s show: Monday, December 30th 2013

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Barrett Brooks

Calls in to talk about the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles. Brooks talks about the record breaking performance by LeSean McCoy and what type of game plan Chip Kelly had for the Cowboys last night. Brooks also gives his early preview for the wild card game against the Saints and how that team will do outside of their comfortable dome surroundings. Follow Brooks on Twitter.


Jimmy Kempski

On a Monday here instead of Tuesday due to the holiday week talked about the NFC East win last night and his game awards he hands out every Sunday. Kempski said the Eagles didnt play their best game last night and didnt win how people expected them to win, but they still got the job done. Kempski also talks about the play of the game that changed the momentum in his opinion, it was the Connor Barwin pass deflection on 4th and 1 from the Eagles 40 yard line. Follow Kempski on Twitter.

Mike Triplett

Covering the Saints for ESPN.com NFL Nation called in to give us an early preview of the Wild Card game the Eagles are hosting on Saturday night. Triplett actually could not give a good reason as to why Drew Brees is 3-5 on the road this season and they've never won a road playoff game. Triplett said the Saints would rather have faced the Cowboys on the road, but the Eagles arent the worst opponent left to face. But Triplett also said that the Eagles could very well beat the Saints on a neutral site let alone at home on grass.

Jeff McLane

Covering the Eagles and was in Dallas for The Philadelphia Inquirer last night for the NFC East clinching game last night. McLane said that there are a lot factors at work as to why the Eagles finished at 10-6 and champions of the NFC East including playing a 4-12 type schedule. McLane thinks that once Nick Foles got injured against Dallas, Chip Kelly was able to cater the offense to Foles strengths as well as getting Shady McCoy involved.

5 Questions

1. If the Eagles win Saturday, they’d go to Carolina and play the Panthers… Is that the best possible second round matchup anyway?

2. Which Black Monday firing was the easiest to make?

3. Who are your offensive and defensive MVP’s for the Eagles?

4. Most improved Eagle?

5. Do you trust the current front office in the draft?