Mike Gill and Pete Thompson broadcasted live from Charlie's Bar in Somers Point for the Sixers Draft Party previewed tonight's NBA Draft in which the Sixers hold the 1st overall pick but there are numerous rumors swirling about what could happen tonight.  Checkout what today's lineup of guests had to say about tonight's NBA Draft:

John Gonzalez of CSN Philadelphia on who the 76ers should trade: "If its me, I would move Jahlil Okafor: he's not a good rebounder, he's a terrible defender and in today's NBA ball movement and outside shooting are vogue, he is a ball movement killer"

CSN Philly Sixers Insider Dei Lynam on Ben Simmons: "LSU's Associate Head Coach says that Simmons is a once in a generation player and his skills are off the charts....You need to surround Ben Simmons with other players; Kevin Durant couldn't do it alone and just Kyrie couldn't do it either"

Sirius XM NBA Radio Host Brian Geltzeiler on Boston Celtics trading 3rd overall pick: "I think Boston will trade that three pick, if they don't get a superstar from somewhere else the Sixers are their trade partner."

973espn.com Sixers Insider Michael Kaskey-Blomain on latest Sixers Trade Rumors: "Right now Nerlens Noel is the main guy being talked about by other NBA teams, he's the one the Sixers are dangling....I think the Sixers are ready to move either Noel or Okafor - it's just a matter of where the interest is from other teams"