With the NBA trade deadline tomorrow at 3pm, Sixers fans are wondering if this is the year the team adds a proven NBA talent to the roster.Two names that most teams might call the Sixers for are Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor - many NBA observers just don't see the two as a fit playing together.

So would the Sixers answer those calls?

"Sam Hinkie has always been a guy who will consider every possibility," Sixers beat writer Tom Moore stated on the Sports Bash Tuesday.  "Jerry Colangelo traded Larry Nance, who was the star, but he got a draft pick who became Dan Majerle and he got Kevin Johnson, so he got two of the core guys that helped the Suns get to the 1993 finals."

One major difference from now to then, is the NBA cap is in a much different place in 2016 then it was in 1993.  Half the league is projected to have a bundle of cap space to spend money this summer, typically that number is a about four-to-five teams.

The Sixers have made significant deals each of the past two season, sending guys like Michael Carter Williams, Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes to other teams at or before the deadline.

"I wouldn't be stunned if they conclude that these two guys (Noel and Okafor) can't make it work, regardless of what happens with (Joel) Embiid, I wouldn't be stunned, but I would say about a 25% chance," Moore Explained. "If the right deal strikes I don't think Colangelo and Hinkie would hesitate."

Another attractive possibility and asset the Sixers have is the pick they own from the Los Angels Lakers which is top-3 protected this season. Even if the Lakers finish with the leagues second worst record, there is still a good possibility a team could cash in on a top five pick in this year's draft.

"There is still a 44.2% chance that, that pick is No. 4 or No. 5," Moore explained. "Its about 35% chance it'd be No. 4 and 10% chance it'd be No. 5 - so you have just under a 50/50 shot if they stay at number two that, that pick is conveying this year."

That pick is also top-3 protected next season before it becomes unprotected in 2018.

(Listen to the full interview on the Sixers at the deadline with Sixers beat writer Tom Moore)