After Friday's Press Conference in which Sixers President of Basketball Operations Bryan Colangelo had some frustrating dialogue with the media when asked about 2017 NBA Draft First Overall Pick Markelle Fultz, there has been various conjecture from many about what is going on with the progress of Fultz Shot and Colangelo's handling of the media since he came to Philadelphia.  What we do know for sure without any subjective conjecture is that Fultz has been working hard to get back on the court and his teammates are well aware of his efforts as the media continues to search for clearer answers about Fultz and how we got here in the first place.

The Ringer's John Gonzalez joined Mike Gill on Monday with his perspective on Markelle Fultz, Bryan Colangelo and the situation with the Sixers:

“One of the reasons for the Front Office shake up when they decided to try to push Sam (Hinkie) aside, and Sam decided he didn’t want any part of that, was supposed to be about media and public relations and dealing with the fans and making so that they were a more accessible organization.  And to whatever extent that they hoped that would be true has yet to actually materialize….I think that (Bryan Colangelo) and the organization and probably everybody that roots for the Sixers is just hoping that Markelle (Fultz) gets healthy and he plays well – Let’s not forget, he was the consensus (choice for the) number one pick, he can do a lot of really great things on the basketball court.”

Checkout what Gonzalez had to say about Markelle Fultz progress, how Bryan Colangelo is overseeing the 76ers organization, and more NBA talk

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