The NCAA recently changed the eligibility rules for college basketball players allowing them to return to college without penalty if they find they would not be drafted by NBA where they would want to.  Marcus Hayes of The Philadelphia Daily News says the 76ers' Jerami Grant is an example of a player who would've benefited from this new rule change:


Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers
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"Jerami had a pretty good sophomore season and was looked at as an athlete with a lot of development to do. When he came out, Jim Boeheim, who is very very anti leaving early, he wants you to stay for at least three years if not four or maybe five with a red shirt. He doesn't believe these kids understand how physically and mentally draining it is to go from college to the pros. Jim Boeheim said 'there's no way Jerami Grant is ready' and he was right! Jerami Grant should've stayed at least one more year or two."


Hayes went on to say "There's an argument that Jerami Grant could've stayed at Syracuse until he graduated then still might have needed to go to the D-Leagues to become the kind of player and to mature the way you have to mature to play with guys like Anthony Davis."


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