The Eagles have only gotten to opposing Quarterbacks six times in the last five weeks after the defense recorded 20 sacks in their first six games of the season.  With the Eagles defense allowing 25 Points Per Game since Week 7, many people have pointed to the front four as to who is at fault.  After Fletcher Cox signed his new 6 year deal with 63.299 Million Guaranteed he is on pace to finished the season with half the Sacks and Tackles he compiled last season.

ESPN NFL Reporter Sal Paolantonio joined Mike Gill on Friday and explained why you cannot blame Cox and the Defensive Line for what happened versus the Packers on Monday Night:

"The ball came out at an average of 1.8 Seconds in that game; Tom Brady leads the league over the season at 2.2 (Seconds) so do the math, (Aaron Rodgers) was faster then Brady.  But there was a reason why he was faster than Brady: (Eagles) were playing soft coverage and bad coverage.  They needed to be at the line of scrimmage, if you're only going to rush four you have to be up on the line of scrimmage, you have to press, you have to challenge Wide Receivers and Tight Ends.  You give them a free release, 1.8 Seconds Ball's out, you have no chance to get to the Quarterback.  And Fletcher Cox, let's put this to rest, did not play a bad game, he was getting penetration but the ball was out...but if the ball is out in 1.8 seconds that's coverage (fault) that's not your pass rush, so come on let's get real here."

Hear why Paolantonio says this game versus Bengals on Sunday is important along his analysis on how Pederson has handled the offense and Nelson Agholor