The Sixers season is coming in for a landing, with 16 games left, the team is still in play for the No. 3 seed in the east, and has a good chance at back-to-back 50 win seasons for the first time since Billy Cunningham roamed the sidelines.

But that doesn't seem to be resonating with a fractured fan base that seems to have become irrational with their expectations of a team that has had their starting five together for a total of 73 minutes since Tobias Harris got here.

The coach needs to be fired, J.J. Redick needs to be bench, they need to run more pick-n-rolls, their defense stinks, Butler needs to be used better - the list goes on-and-on.

How about the team is just three seasons removed from winning 10 games, lets have some realistic expectations. They have had their starting five together for four games, made a plethora of roster moves, using 24 different players this year.

The team has missed Joel Embiid the last eight games and are 4-4 in those games.

It seems Sixers wins are now expected and when they don't happen, it turns into a social media, irrational hot-take mess.

So are we even having fun with this Sixers season?

I discussed that on Friday's show with Kevin Kinkead, who covers the Sixers for the website and wrote about this very topic.

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