It's hard to process these big businesses actually putting everything on hold. It had to be done though. We are talking about something way bigger than sports.

I thought the Adam Silver and the NBA moved just a hair slow, but it also wasn't the worst reaction time. Once Rudy Gobert was positive with coronavirus, they had no other option.

The NHL, MLB, MLS, and all of the other leagues had to follow in their footsteps. You can't allow players, coaches, staff members, and fans to be in that type of environment every night with the possibility of passing along the virus.

The NCAA, well, that's a totally different situation. It's a disgrace that it took Duke and Kansas withdrawing themselves from the tournament before it became official. Did we expect anything else?

My brain is trying to wrap my head around how historic of a moment this is. Obviously, the health of everyone is most important, but for these cooperations to actually delay everything with how much money is involved, it's unfathomable.

Think about the TV deals for March Madness. Think about the tickets, concessions, parking, and more involved with each individual NBA game. How about the rescheduling nightmare of all these events? Some cities have two teams in the same building along with concerts scheduled.

It had to be done though. This is no over reaction. With a problem like this, it's about keeping everyone safe over "just another flu."

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